a family tree website for the DiSalvo, Santangelo, Capra, Mastriani & Mancini families
(including branches of those wise enough to marry in to the family)
originating from Pietrabbondante, Italy in the Campobasso area of Molise

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Home Card
this is the root of the tree -
I started with Giuseppe Mario Emilio Dagnone & Maria Giacinta Giaccio, parents of Maria Vincenza Dagnone who married Carmino DiSalvo
Descendant Report
here's where you can click on a name and see the tree as it descends from that person
a pdf of the Family Tree
it's about 20 pages
coming soon!
coming soon!

its-a all brand new, so have-a some patience while I-a work-a out the problems
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contributions of cash, wine and gifts should be sent UPS or hand-delivered

to your cousin Nina

Pietrabbondante - where it all started